坚持可持续创新之路。让每一步足够坚毅,让每一步“持续”弥新 。

灵光一闪,发生在电影创作的过程中,也发生在可持续创新之路上。这是 FIRST 和 GEOX 结缘的第二年。

A moment of vision is not confined to film production, it is also brought to light during our efforts in sustainable development. This year marks the continuous collaboration between FIRST and GEOX.


In 2020, FIRST and GEOX started their first partnership with a common goal to uphold innovation, environmental protection, and dedication in filmmaking. GEOX created a line of sports shoes in recycled materials to support the volunteers and staff members of the film festival throughout their demanding operation that lasted almost a fortnight. A true companion of comfort, empathy, and dedication.


This year, FIRST and GEOX pursue their joint efforts in sustainable development, their shared aspiration, innovative spirits, and care for nature.


Being the official partner of the 15th FIRST International Film Festival, GEOX is a source of inspiration to emerging filmmakers and a voice for sustainability development in the youth culture. The brand will participate in forums, laboratories, training camps, dialogues covering all aspects of Xining, the birthplace of young film professionals.

此外,FIRST亦加入到「GEOX 2021年“Walk for Earth—为地球行走”系列“履”程」的全程记录与创作中。在贯穿全年、跨越东西四地的旅程中,通过行走体验与镜头的记录,共同体会认识自然与人类的可持续发展之间的关系。

FIRST has joined the force behind the 2021 GEOX “Walk for Earth” year-long journey that travels from the East to the West of the country. This is a discovery of the intricate relationship between mankind and nature through footpath and camera lenses.


本次联合官宣海报,从 GEOX SPHERICA 科技缓震鞋底设计提取灵感,凹凿出的导演椅前斑驳的足印,是青年影人在电影创作路上一次次的创变、试错与成长,是未定的踌躇、满身的汗水以及难忘的记忆,暗红色裹挟的是他们无尽的热情与勇气。

The design of this year’s promotional poster draws inspiration from the GEOX SPHERICA ZERO SHOCK SYSTEM, the footsteps in front of the film director’s chair symbolizes the everchanging, inspirational and persistent memory of emerging filmmakers. The burgundy color denotes their passion and courage.


In 2021, GEOX and FIRST are committed to accompanying young filmmakers on their challenging path. Every footstep is an emblem of strength and endless efforts.


See you at the FIRST International Film Festival from 25th July to 2nd August 2021 in Xining.




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