EDI.Z LINGFENG 2019秋冬系列:“Junction”


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这次EDI.Z LINGFENG邀请了多次荣获国内外设计奖项的先锋设计事务所- 大犬空间研究社Greater Dog Spatial Research Lab的胡志红(Red Hu)女士与辛晋(Jin Xin)先生为这次的秀场进行设计。秀场的设计灵感源于对“黄泉国度”幻境的想象,空间呈现了一种非常态的意象。在镜像的视觉中看到置身于干燥木屑里的魂魄和怪诞的外衣。正如EDI.Z LINGFENG这季服装的特点一样,充满奇幻,趣味,冒险与探索。

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作为EDI.Z LINGFENG上海时装周的首秀,活动现场邀请了伦敦时装周的全球形象大使胡兵先生,国内新生男团SWIN-N组合张治山,蒋冠,尹幼恩,模特薛冬琪以及爱上超模冠军彦禹博.

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The inspiration of this season “JUNCTION” came from an Oscar film, the story leading people into a diversified society which human and spirit can live in a same world. Variety colors inspired by the colorful Yomi world and the most of the garment shapes come from the original Kimono. The whole collection full of trust and love.

The show space of EDI.Z LINGFENG AW19 designed by Red Hu and Jin Xin(Greater Dog Spatial Research Lab)who is the avant-garde of the architecture & spatial design area and the winner of many international design competitions. The theme of EDI.Z LINGFENG showroom is the Yomi wonderland, Let audience fulling into a reflective space with mirror installations and dry wood chips. Red Hu and Jin Xin also become a part of the show to telling a narrative behind EDI,Z LINGFENG AW19 by their live performance.

As the first show of EDI.Z LINGFENGin Shanghai Fashion Week. Hu Bing has invited to the show, who is the global ambassador of London Fashion Week, also SWIN,model Xue Dongqi and I Supermodel Winner Yan Yubohave invited to EDI.Z LINGFENG show.

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